future building solutions

holistic thinking: sustainable, green and energy efficient architecture…..

kay künzel is the conceptual and formative head of the architecture and engineers offices „raum für architektur” (space for architecture) in wachtberg (western germany) and “future building solutions” in nyc.

with his holistic thinking he is dedicated to sustainable, green and energy efficient architecture conjoined with living-comfort on a high level. future building solutions!
as an architect kay künzel has realized more than 300 future buildings. indeed kay künzel is much more than an engineer and architect. he is well-known and appreciated expert, international lecturer and university teacher for sustainable building, developing and passivehouse designing.

as a project manager he supports numerous national and international projects. this includes calculating building physics and developing high efficient building services.

together with his team of engineers, architects and economists kay künzel has developed a software to evaluate economic profitability of investments.

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